An Explanation For My Lengthy Absence


So, first of all let me apologise for the recent lack of activity on this blog. Previously, if I ever missed a week without posting a poem, I would knock a ‘bye-week’ off the list in my head and give myself another 12 months before I was allowed to do it again, or if it happened again sooner, even longer. It was a good system, but now I’ve gone 3 weeks without a single poem, so it seems like that system is probably defunct.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dealing with family issues, a fluctuating workload and various other things. None of them have taken enough time out of my schedule to completely stop me from writing poems, but I just haven’t felt enough of a spark of inspiration to write any.

Now, this is far from the first time I’ve had this problem, but previously I’ve just forced myself to sit down and write a poem. Sometimes a good one would emerge, but often they would come out half-hearted and malformed. I want to adhere to a higher standard than that now, so I’ve taken a bit of time away.

Rest assured I’m going to start posting poems again, and soon, but I want to refine and improve my process, rather than letting myself hit zero hour every week and then churning out the first idea that pops into my head. That was fine when I started out but I’ve been doing this for almost 4 years and I’m a much better poet now than I was then.

Since starting this, I’ve completely changed my career trajectory, performed spoken word on stage and I’ve actually compiled around 90 poems from this page into a collection, which should be published later this year, all things being equal. I really enjoy doing this, but it’s reached a point now where I’m just coasting, rather than really challenging myself.

From your point of view, nothing is really going to change, poems will still come out on a weekly basis. I might take a week off a little bit more often if I can’t think of anything good, but the blog won’t be neglected. The average length of the poems might change, you might start seeing more material suited for spoken word performances and I might even start posting non-poetry on here more frequently, but other than that, it’ll be back to business as usual.

Expect Weekly Poem #201 to land very soon, and sorry again for the unexplained drop-off. Thank you all for your ongoing support, stay excellent.


About Caljd
I'm a film student living in South Wales. If my entire life was essentially a film noir with everyone driving E-Type Jaguars around, wearing Italian suits and fedoras I'd be a happy man. Equally I wouldn't mind it basically being Woodstock, without the mud. I'm an insanely passionate film enthusiast and I write a fair amount of screenplays and short stories, I'm also working on 3 different writing projects that could well end up as full novels. Most of the time there's nothing I like to do better than put on a decent post-rock album, sit back and spend some quality time with Mary Jane ;)

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